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Has pain stopped you from enjoying the activities you love? Are you an athlete with frequent injuries stopping you from getting back into the game? Considering surgery because you think you have no other option? Tried other programs without the results you expected or deserved?

There ARE answers! There IS a better life! There is a better YOU!

There is no reason to settle for living in pain or with limitation. The unique approach used at Physical Therapy produces rapid and noticeable results. If getting better as fast as possible is your priority, then you are in the right place. Visit Physiofixx for your San Diego Physical Therapy and Wellness needs!

We serve the communities of San Carlos, Del Cerro, Allied Gardens, La Mesa, Santee and other surrounding communities. The clinic is located near the base of Cowles Mountain and is easily accessible from the 8, 125 or 15 freeways.

We Solve Real Problems

what can we do for you?

Physical Therapy

Your initial evaluation will include a subjective history of your injury or problem, a complete physical exam and...

Wellness and Prevention

Wellness and fitness services can be provided by a Physical Therapist for the purpose of promoting or maintaining...

Activity Specific Enhancement

Do you want to jump higher, increase your running endurance, learn to balance on a paddleboard ...

The Team

Our Physical Therapists


Dr. Sandra Daniel, PT, DPT, OCS

Craniofacial, Sacroiliac, Spine and Headache Specialist, Practice Owner...

Dr. Julie Marazzo, PT, DPT

Post-Operative Specialist, Injury Prevention & Rehabilitation for the Dancer...

we love them

what our clients have to say

“If you are looking for a talented, knowledgeable, committed, and compassionate physical therapist to treat you in a modern, serene…, safe and clean setting, then you will want to make an appointment with Julie Marazzo. There are not words to really capture how effective she has been in providing the therapy needed to guarantee a successful recovery. From my first session, her knowledge and approach has been in lock step with the philosophy of my surgeon...In the same way my surgeon knew what was needed medically, Julie knows what is needed therapeutically. She has provided a documented, well-explained and easily self-guided roadmap to keep me moving from one goal to the next in between our sessions. I am sure my recovery is progressing smoothly and quickly in no small part due to her care, which is always professional, personable, compassionate and, even through the mask, I know provided with a smile.”
- Alan R
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