What Patients Are Saying

“Sandra completely cares about what is causing your pain and is a detective when it comes too finding the actual origin. She looks at how the whole body works together. Having osteoarthritis and injuries, I now have considerably less pain throughout multiple joints as I’ve learned to stretch and strengthen and not compensate for the pain. Sandra is amazing.” -Lisa S.
“I have been to many physical therapists. Sandra is the best Physical Therapist I have ever had. Dr. Sandra is truly a Doctor of Physical Therapy and understands and pinpoints the problem. She is much better than the chiropractors I have been to and very compassionate. She really listens! She is there for you and is very much like a life coach with helpful things you can do to improve your life.” -Alison C.
“I would like to thank you for improving my life with physical therapy treatments you have been doing for me. My TMJ issue had brought me to a place where my back molars would not align so I was not able to chew my food. I had been to some previous therapy that did not help me. In a little more than two weeks you had my teeth aligned so I could chew my food and you relieved much of the stress and pain in the TMJ area. I appreciate your continued treatments to get my TMJ issue to a level that helps me to function and enjoy eating again.” -Barbara Southerland
“Thank you so much for the very comprehensive care you have given me and directed over the last 3 months. I am very impressed at your expertise and thoroughness in locating anatomic and functional contributors in my body to the pain. The hands-on treatments you performed always seemed to make a real difference in the outcomes I experienced. You listened carefully to my explanations about current activities which might have affected problems with my elbow, shoulder, neck and even hip Then you zeroed in on the area most in need of treatment. You even checked back with me after you had completed your time with me and did another short treatment to deal with some pain I had during the post-treatment exercise period. Your sensitivity and kindness to me has been phenomenal.” – Linda Hensley, retired registered nurse
“Nobody has ever looked at the whole spine like this before. Everbody has said, “yeah it is off”, but never did anything about it!” -Arleen Funk, Nurse
“After I left San Diego I have continually conducted physically intense training. In many cases as the training company I am currently in I train at least five days a week. I know that I would not have been in condition to keep up with my training if you had not taught me not only the techniques to rehabilitate my knee, but also the mind-set necessary to maintain my body through the rigors of my current training. I am very thankful for the work you have done and am sure that you will greatly assist any person whom you advise. Thank you for your excellent work.” -JR
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